I'm glad you made it to my blog. Please stay awhile and feel free to browse through the writings I've posted here. I'm sure you'll be blessed reading the section of True Stories besides other postings.

I'm involved in a ministry where along with other saints we seek God to restore His Church back to the original – just as He intended it to be.

Man-made rules, regulations and traditions nullify the Word of God. We seek not to please men and their fanciful ideas but strive to please and glorify God as we meditate and follow the pattern and the instruction in the New Testament regarding the Lord’s Church. However, we're also careful not to drift toward the other extreme where we become so dogmatic that we overlook the grace of God in His people's lives and become Pharisaical in our attitude. That's not even the last thing we would want. And yet, Church history reveals that the Lord is patiently restoring His Church back to the original. 

The church in the New Testament was simple and therefore more powerful and glorious. The Holy Spirit is restoring the Lord's church today as it was in the Scripture. In fact, it's going to be more glorious because the finishing picture is the complete picture and therefore a perfect one than the one at the beginning. 

If we have ears to hear then let’s listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church today. Jesus is standing at the threshold of Heaven waiting for the Father to signal Him to fetch His Bride unto Himself. The Holy Spirit is preparing the Bride for His coming. The time draws near when the Spirit and the Bride will say, “Come”.

Are we ready?