About The Journey

The Journey is my personal blog where I share about my life's discoveries and experiences in God’s Kingdom and His Church. 

Along with my family, I took the step of faith to move to Nepal in the month of September, 2010. Prior to that, I pastored a church we had founded along with my parents in our hometown in Shillong, India for several years. Approximately, twelve years ago, before finally making the move, the Lord had given me a vivid vision for Nepal and since then I had been praying and waiting for God to eventually open the door to this country. This beautiful land of enchanted Himalayas had also been the land of my paternal grandfather.

With God's love and burden in my heart for my people, I’m presently assisting fledgling churches by helping lay the foundation for the New Testament church and equipping the leadership. I’m also involved in teaching on various aspect of church life in a Bible school besides being involved in evangelisms. I carry a vision to plant and to help plant churches that are free from man-made traditions and paraphernalia, which has become a substitute to the centrality of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in the church. To that end The Journey subscribes and advocates the simple pattern and instruction of the powerful New Testament Church as revealed to and practiced by the saints in the Bible. 

I live in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal and enjoy serving the Lord and His Kingdom with my wife and our five children all below 14. I’ve also been homeschooling them for a long time. Your prayers for me, my family and ministry would be of much value. Thank you and God bless you and use you for His glory even beyond your profound imagination. Amen!

Christ in life,
Reuben Pradhan