Tuesday, July 1, 2014

TESTIMONY: Fruit of my radio ministry, Biswasko Jag (Foundation of Faith)

An unknown man called me up this morning (18th June '14). He had listened to my radio program last week and wanted to meet me. I invited him over to my house. At first guess I thought he'd be just about a year or two older to me sussing (figuring out) from his voice over the phone. But it turned out that he was an elderly gentleman with white beard and 65 years of age. 

He looked at me and said, "Ah! You're just a young man. I thought you'd be an elderly person". We chatted for almost 2 hours. He had read the Bible for the last 50 years and being from a Hindu background had read the major Hindu scriptures. In search for truth, he had also spent one year learning about Islam in India. So in his conversation he'd quote from all these religious books including the Bible. At present, he said some Jehovah Witness visits him to teach him their doctrine. But he had finally concluded that there's no other book like the Bible and that Jesus is the Truth. However, he didn't want to be baptized since he was disillusioned because of the lifestyle of some of the so called pastors and Christians. He felt that people were unnecessarily trying to force him to be baptized.

Cutting the long story short, I narrated to him my testimony of how even after almost all my family members accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior I was unwilling to simply because I had the same problem - finding faults in other Christians. And this would be my answer every time, especially when my parents would try to persuade me to commit my life to the Lord. Then I told him what my mother told me one day. When I came up with the same reply, she simply said, "Son, don't look up to people and their shortcomings for in doing so you'll always have one or the other complain about them and that'll actually prevent you from progressing in life. Just look unto Jesus and see if you find any fault in Him. If you don't then believe and follow Him." Then I told the gentleman, "Sir, today I want to repeat to you the same word my mother said that day." His countenance changed and declared, "That's it! No more finding faults at people from today and I'm going to look up to Him from now on." "Amen", said I and tried to shook hands with him but he got up and hugged me tightly and sitting down wiped his tears away. The Lord touched him at that moment. After that we continued chatting for the next hour or so and handed him the book, "Questions of Life."

Please pray for his complete salvation, and of course though I didn't want to be another guy to press him for baptism he desires to meet with me again. My message last Friday night was about the benefits/fruits of meeting in small groups which included church planting in every neighborhood. He had been so encouraged through the message that he desires to start a church right in his locality.

Please also continue to pray for my radio ministry. Thanks and God bless!


Udaypur, Rupatar - 2 Days Training in a remote village. <= Click on the link/title to read and to check some lovely photos.

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