Sunday, June 12, 2011

Train up a child...

Both the Old and the New Testament teaches us to teach and train our children. I believe this includes the fundamental knowledge of life and its basic necessities in addition to spiritual training.

One day, my second daughter Rhema (who was soon going to celebrate her eleventh birthday at the time of this story) accompanied me to go visit a believer in a hospital just outskirt of town. By nature she’s quite an inquisitive girl and discusses things quite a lot, and is therefore, a great help in driving out boredom and drowsiness while driving. We reached the hospital and I don’t know why but as we halted I suddenly felt a very soft prompting in my spirit to show her where the brake pedal of the van was. “Rhema, remember this is the brake pedal. When you hit this the car stops moving,” I said. “Hmm…Okay” she responded casually to herself.

On the 16th March 2010, the whole family boarded the van to visit one of our close relatives. Not far from home we stopped in our street called Rynjah to pick up few things from the shops. I entered a cyber café to do some printings. As I was waiting to get my job done I heard a loud cry of a baby outside the cyber café. Immediately I knew that was my little boy Daniel (almost 2 at the time of this story). As I darted out of the cyber café I thought to myself why would he be crying so loud? I had left him with his mother and the rest. And there he was in Anna’s (eldest daughter) arm shrieking as if something terrible had happened to him. I hollered to Anna as she was across the road. “What’s the matter?” “Daddy, the car is rolling away,” Anna stammered with anxiety. My wife appeared from nowhere. She was searching for me desperately. I ran as fast as I could to where the car was. To my shock I found the car had rolled almost to the middle of the road and other cars were just inching away to pass by my car totally oblivious to the whole situation. In a fraction of seconds my mind was racing with many thoughts. How did the car rolled? And how did it stopped in the middle of the road? When I reached for the driver’s door there I found our brave Rhema, albeit with some tears of fear in her eyes, standing up with her right foot at the brake pedal which was almost out of her foot’s reach and holding on to the steering very firmly, stopping that big machine from rolling onto the street. I opened the door and took control of the car. She wept as I hugged her. I realized that I had put the gear on neutral. How could I have done that? Clumsy me. I had pulled up the hand brake but unfortunately it didn’t do a proper job, as it required some maintenance.


When the car had slowly begun to roll my wife was too nervous to do anything. The rest just jumped out of the car along with her while Rhema with a quick presence of mind jump into the driver’s seat and took control of the car. We all thanked her and treated her with a nice chocolate bar (of course she deserved more than that). God used a little girl to save the day.

As I thanked and laud Rhema for her bravery I asked her how she knew what to do. She replied, “Remember you showed me once where the brake pedal was?”

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  1. Wow Rhema you are truly a brave girl and I am proud of you