Thursday, July 23, 2009

Revival At Latyrke, Jaintia Hills

4th/Oct/2006, 4:31 p.m. Shillong, India

Yesterday, our landlady's grandchildren who goes to college here in town returned back from their village and I was thrilled to hear from them first-hand that revival broke out in their village too. They told me that it actually started with the Christian families who were praying in their homes. Soon it spread all around and now every evening they gather in their chapel where God is using small children to bring adults to repentance. "Their prayers sounds like the noise of a rushing water", I was told. The church leaders have taken out the benches and spread carpet instead inside the hall.

The dialect spoken in this region is different from the Khasi language of Shillong (East Khasi Hills District). And yet, these children would be heard praying in fluent Khasi although the villagers knows well that they actually don't know that language. I can agree to this without doubts because I recall being in one of these villages long time ago for a meeting where I actually found out that even the adults there (who most likely would've been in constant touch with the Khasis and the city of Shillong) would at times struggle to speak in the language that these kids were now using to pray with ease and fluency.

Again, it's mostly children and young people who are experiencing this revival. And although, the adults and older generations have not been touched the way these children are with all the supernatural manifestations, the good news is that there's repentance and transformation taking place in their lives. Drunkards are giving up their habits of drinking and are sobering up in the Lord. And others of immoral character could be seen attending the meeting every evening. Hallelujah!

This indeed is a season of a powerful encounter with the Living God.

Copyright 2006 Reuben Pradhan

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