Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Revival News

6th Sept ‘06, 11:48 a.m., Shillong, India

Yesterday some pastors and I on our way to a meeting in Jowai (Jaintia Hills) were chatting about the revival here and a pastor of a large charismatic church here in town told us that yesterday itself during daytime one of his sons called him up from his school. The news was the same. Children were coming under the power of God and even Muslim kids were seeing a clear vision of Jesus. One non-Christian girl was choking and couldn’t speak. She was holding on to her neck struggling to utter a word but she couldn’t. Some believers noticed an amulet on her neck and the moment they broke that off her neck she suddenly burst out and was able to speak once more.

This revival seems to be spreading further and wider still. Local newspapers are reporting that even non-Christians and those among the Khasis and Jaintias who are animists are also coming under the power of God. Many villages in Jaintia Hills are experiencing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Last Sunday, reported Mahip, Raju’s son (a member of our church), who goes to another English-speaking church in Police Bazaar, their hall was jam-packed to the overflowing with Hindus and other Non-Christian people attending the meeting even without anyone sending out invitations to them.

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