Thursday, July 23, 2009

God's Tangible Presence

23rd Sept 2006, 9:00 p.m., Shillong, India

Many signs and wonders were taking place among His people. (Acts 5:12)

Earlier today, toward dusk I went to meet a friend of mine, Ridor who’s a Spirit-filled and a devout believer. He belongs to a Presbyterian church where every evening prayer meetings have been going on now for several months. Initially, there was a very powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this place. I was told some young people stayed under the power of God for two to three days continuously. I had a chance to visit this gathering just a couple of hours ago with Ridor. Three men (church leaders) were leading the song, “I surrender all” and the hall seem to reverberate as the whole church sang harmoniously and wholeheartedly. As we entered the hall and join the crowd in singing I could feel a sweet and gentle tangible presence of God. In fact, at one point I felt as if the Lord was walking down the aisle in the middle of the hall. Later after the meeting Ridor shared with me how the presence of God was so strong during the initial phase of these meetings. But later as the leadership began to bring some regulations in the church the manifestation began to decrease. Ridor continued, “Earlier you could feel the Lord walking up and down the aisle”

Copyright 2006 Reuben Pradhan

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