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God's Love Is For All

4th Sept '06, 7:00 p.m., Shillong, India

Today, during early noon, at about 12:30 p.m., I received a call from a young sister from our church. She goes to a school called Buddha Vidya Niketan run by some Buddhists community. She sounded both excited and urgent as she told me that some children (although only a few of them) in her school had come under the power of God. She also told me that the school was declared holiday for the day. This caught my attention because this wasn't a Christian school like the others where students basically from Christian background were experiencing similar things. This was a Buddhist school and now it wasn't just students from Christian background but also Hindus and others who were having a direct encounter with God.

As soon as I put down my phone, I told my wife about it, changed my dress, hopped onto my motor-scooter and rushed toward the school. When I reached there at about 1:00 in the afternoon I saw a young man carrying a young girl of about 13/14 yrs old outside the school. Her relatives and neighbors were there too. I quickly recognized that she was from my community – Nepali. They were taking her home. The girl was crying and groaning and seems to be without any strength in her body. At first I thought to speak to them but felt I should see what was happening with the others in the classroom. But all that I saw in one room were some Christians trying to explain to the authorities and teachers of the school what was actually happening. Almost all the students had left the school. I felt no use to be there and felt the prompting to follow those people with that young girl. I ran towards the road and joined them. Her aunty and a young man were carrying her. I approached them and talked to them and helped carry the girl to her house which was not far from that school. There were lots of houses where she lived and as soon as we reached there some crowd gathered to find out what had happened to her since someone from the school had gone there earlier to inform them what had happened to this girl and to come to pick her up. There was panic in the house and in that compound. Of course, they had been hearing the news everywhere and had actually watched it in the local news channel also that such occurrences were happening with Christians in the churches and schools. Now they were seeing this with their own eyes happening to one of the kids from their own block and that to someone who wasn't a Christian at all. The small room was packed with some people and the rest simply flocked at the door. A little boy, about 10 yrs old scurried to the room with a Bible in his hand. The adults began to ask him to read the Bible. At that moment I told them that I was a Christian and that they need not be afraid or panicky and as such offered to read the Bible too. I came to learn later that the little boy wasn't a Christian at all but had been given a Bible by someone. Their idea was that since this is a Christian "phenomenon" reading the Bible would bring the girl or anyone else for that matter going through this manifestation, back to consciousness.

"What's this happening?" asked a lady. Then I opened the Bible and started preaching the Gospel to them. I got a rapt audience. Over and over again I shared to them about the Savior, Jesus Christ and their need of believing and receiving Him into their lives.

During some moments of pause I tried talking to that girl whose name was Pratima, but she was crying continuously and seemed to be totally unaffected by her surroundings. Later after over an hour in that house she slowly began to move her eyes which indicated that she had come to her senses. Just to check I asked her if she wanted to drink some water to which she nodded her head. She drank the water and lied on the bed again. I asked her what had happened. She softly answered, "He's calling me". I asked her again who the person was who was calling her. "Jesus" she said. At that moment I turned back to her people and reiterated that the Lord had indeed specially chosen her and that probably through her the rest of them. They just kept quiet and simply nodded their head. Her mother who probably was a widow seemed familiar to me. On inquiring I came to realize that she was a staff of State Bank where my father had also served (though in another Branch in town). On inquiring further I came to realize that she and her family actually knows my father very well and calls him "uncle". And also that her old father was actually serving at the same time in the same Branch office with my father. And soon I also came to learn that the other lady who asked me earlier, "What's this happening?" was actually a distant relative of mine. This made things all the more easier. And as some more other people were inquiring about the whole event I affirmed to them that this was God's divine plan to come and meet with Pratima in such a sovereign way that people would gather in that house, I would, out of nowhere reach there and get the opportunity to share the Gospel to all of them. I assured them that this was God's love for them and His divine plan for their salvation. It seemed to me that they were beginning to see the truth.

In the meantime Pratima was hungry and was served lunch. Soon she began to talk with her mother and others. When I asked her how it all began, she told me that she suddenly fainted in her classroom and after that all she remembered were some teachers trying to pick her up. She remembers nothing after that till the time she regained consciousness at home. During that whole time she was only crying and crying in a very deeply emotional manner.

Later in that house tea and biscuits were served to the rest of us. And after some more conversation I finally left them but not without offering to visit them again.

The surprising thing was those non-Christian crowds that had gathered in that house were also making an uproar about a similar incident in another school called Govt. Girl's High School, not far from that area. This was also another non-Christian school. In fact, what was happening here was in a much larger scale. And so after leaving that house I rushed toward this school hoping to catch a glimpse of what was happening there too. But when I reached there all the students had already left. I only saw a young girl on the road outside the school alongwith her relative trying to make some effort to walk. Her face too was wet with tears.

In the evening I went to visit my Dad and Mom in their house eagerly looking forward to share all this, seeing that those people were actually my Dad's close acquaintances too. Monalisa, a sister from our church was also there alongwith one of her daughters. When I began to share my story of the day my Mother told me that they actually had also visited the school and had also spotted my motor-scooter parked outside the school premises. But since all the students had left by then, and I wasn't there either, they however had the opportunity to speak to some of the school authorities about Jesus and also handed some gospel tracts to them and left.

On the other hand, Monalisa had another interesting story to share. In the afternoon she was actually passing by that same Girl's High school when she heard and saw all the commotion. She noted a girl who also had been touched by the power of God and inquired what had happened to her. She said she actually saw an inferno and Satan was trying to pull her towards the fire. But suddenly in the middle between them a tall man clothed in white appeared and she knew it was Jesus. His face was shining with glory. She saw Him calling her to Himself, "come with me and I'll take you to Heaven." This girl was an Assamese Hindu girl. Before leaving her, Monalisa asked for her contact address and also gave an invitation to come to our fellowship on Sundays.

Another, somewhat staunch Hindu school also came under similar experience today. Some students who came under the power of God began to prophesy, "Jesus is coming soon, repent!" Sadly, some of the teachers and authorities (of course, non-Christians) of the school allegedly didn't like what was happening and in fact rebuked and discouraged them by making snide remarks that they should go home and do all the pretensions and dramas. Yes, there'll be those who'll try to oppose or even attempt to thwart the move of God and yet we confidently know for sure that in the end His love and power will prevail over and above everything else.

The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come"!

Copyright 2006 Reuben Pradhan

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