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God Visits Where The Kids Are - Schools

01/Sept/2006, 10:48 p.m., Shillong, India

Earlier today, during daytime, I got the news that revival had hit the students of All Saints School which is located right in the middle of our city, Shillong. This school is run by the Church of North India, formerly known as the Church of England. We went to witness what was going on.

I met the Bishop of the church and on inquiring I was told that today in the morning just before the starting of the class the students of the higher secondary classes were hit by the power of God. So instead of taking them to their classrooms they were taken to the chapel which is just above their school building. It was already late in the afternoon when I and those with me went inside that chapel. There were people, largely students, their parents, school teachers and some onlookers and there were singings, worships and some noise of shouting and praying going on.

On closer observation I found two young female students lying on the ground. Some people were hovering around them praying for them. I missed what had gone right from the morning but with these two girls it apparently appeared to me as if they had gone through some experiences earlier. After some time those girls regain consciousness and sat on the benches as the rest of the students continued singing and leading songs of worship. I and those with me went and sat down on one of those old big benches. On the bench in front of us were some people bending on one side and praying. Actually there was another girl there lying down and they were praying over her. She seemed to be totally without strength with hardly any movement, her eyes soaked with tears. After some time they helped raised her up to make her sit down. And although her parents and others were there trying to help her she never uttered a single word. She couldn't. Only stream of tears would swell around her eyes and roll down her cheeks. She seemed totally lost in another world.

After some songs one of their prominent church members stood up and made an announcement that those who would want to continue to stay could stay otherwise they were free to leave since the parents of some students were waiting for them. As we left the chapel the students were still singing. But even while we were in that chapel and worshipping the Lord there was a phone call on my cell phone from Ladrymbai in Jaintia Hills, a coal-mining region. A brother from a church where I occasionally visit was on the line but before he could say anything he heard the songs in the background and inquired if I was in a meeting. When I told him what was happening, he remarked by saying that the schools there in Ladrymbai were also experiencing similar move of God.

This is spreading wider and wider now.

As you rejoice in reading this news please continue to pray for the work of God here, especially that the church leaders and those of older generations would also come under the power of God and that this would spread to every Christians, churches of all denominations, families, every institutions, governments and everywhere else.

The prophecy Joel prophesied in Acts 2: 16 - 18 is being fulfilled.

Copyright 2006 Reuben Pradhan

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