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Garo Hills Getting Ready

15th Nov 2006, 11 p.m., Shillong, India

In Garo Hills, Chitoktak, I was invited to do a 3-days seminar on the "Prophetic Ministry" (3rd - 5th Nov '06). The first session of the first day, I held my notes and Bible on my hands all set to launch as soon as Mikseng, the host and pastor of the church, gives me the signal. But as I waited for that moment the Holy Spirit instead led me to share about the revival here in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. So I stood up and for the next one hour and more shared about the wondrous works of God here in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. The Lord got their attention, and the rest of the three days sessions was power-packed with the strong presence and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes even while bringing the teaching I would sense such a warm and glowing presence of God around me that the hair on my body would literally stand up. Although it might not be uncommon to have such experiences and yet this time it was different. The intensity of it was simply profound. This 'seminar' actually changed me. After every sessions people would just be filled with the Holy Spirit, receiving prophecies and visions immediately at times, and at other times being confirmed of the Lord's calling in their lives.

Rosemary, Mikseng's wife had a wonderful experience too. As she went down to the ground under the anointing all we could see was her laying down there for almost half-an-hour crying all the while. But she actually had a vision where she was handed a child and was told that she would be a "mother" (she's already a mother of three) to many people. As soon as she got up from the vision and stood up from the ground a lady who was with a child wanted Rosemary to hold her baby as she was preoccupied with something else. Rosemary recalled the vision where a child was handed to her. A little later Rupa (Dilip's wife, who had join me and my family for this trip) went up to Rosemary and said, "when you went down I felt the Lord told me to tell you that you're going to be a mother not only of your kids but also a spiritual mother to many". Rosemary was simply dumbfounded as she hadn't told anyone about the vision yet.

Then another brother who attended the sessions along with his family received a prophecy from me that he would father many young people and that he would disciple them with a loving fatherly heart, etc., etc. He kept weeping after that. After the session during our introduction I came to learn that he was actually a cop. Then I wondered how a cop would actually disciple young people with a fatherly heart. "Was I wrong?" I asked myself. But then he told me that the Lord had confirmed His calling upon his life. I still wondered how. On Monday evening we were invited by this very brother and his family for dinner. When we reached his home, which is a government police quarter, I saw a calendar on the wall. On it was written in bold letters, "Eagle's Wings Ministry". When I inquired about it I was surprised to learn that he was actually the guy running this ministry among the youths of his church. Then he shared with me how young men from his church would actually come and share their problems and burdens with him although someone else is the pastor there. I could go on with other similar stories but this would suffice for now, I guess. However, God taught me to trust Him always when I'm doing His job.

On the last day of the last session some other pastors/leaders also came for the meeting. These were old time friends of mine in the ministry. That night after the teaching sessions I felt stirred to motivate and instill a hunger in them to pray and seek God's face for revival in the Garo Hills. When we did that people began to cry their lungs out to God. The thing that amazed me most was the sight of small children and young people who were strongly crying out to God. Mikseng and Rosemary's second daughter Grace seemed to be the loudest. Later Mikseng told me that since his visit to Shillong last month (October) along with Grace and being exposed to the revival stories and happenings here, and after returning back home to Chitoktak she would cry in similar fashion at home whenever they'd pray for revival in their land. She's about 7 years old. During this prayer my wife, Anu had a vision of the hills being caught on fire. As some of those visiting brothers sang revival song the rest of the crowd continued to pray and cry out to God to pour out His Spirit on their land. That night it was past 10 p.m. And people wouldn't move from their seats to go home. Some continued to pray. I jokingly told them that they should get used to late night meetings for that's what happens in revival. People don't seem to feel hungry, thirsty or even sleepy. And how could they be? When the One who fills all in all is tangibly present with them all the time.

On Monday, Mikseng took me on his two-wheeler scooter to another village called Sosatgre which is approximately one-and-half hour ride from Chitoktak. This village is slightly on a higher altitude compared to Chitoktak and therefore a little cooler in climate. The house of the host won my heart. The walls and the floor of the house was made with bamboo flattened and woven together and had a thatched roof, and the whole house was raised on stilts with quite a spacious land in front. We were greeted by the man of the house and his family. Two other families had already been there for the meeting. In all, these three families comprises the church here although there are other believers from the Baptist and Charismatic groups also living in this village. We were quite hungry when we reached there and after a sumptuous Garo lunch sat down for the meeting. I wasn't at all prepared what I should be sharing for this gathering. Back in Chitoktak when I prayed about it I felt the Holy Spirit telling me not to worry about it and that as soon as I sit down for the meeting then will He tell me what I should share. On the road I forgot what He had spoken to me and was about to ask Mikseng for his suggestion regarding what he felt I should share when the Holy Spirit promptly reminded me of what He had spoken earlier. This happened more than once and every time He would remind me what He had already spoken to me earlier. So three couples, their children and Mikseng and I began to sing. No sooner had the song ended the Lord said to me, "narrate the Khasi and Jaintia Hills revival story to them". Two ladies couldn't stop but cry throughout the time of my sharing. I concluded by envisioning them about similar revival in their land too and led them to pray for it. Again the Holy Spirit filled these people as they began to cry and pray and intercede before God. It was late in the afternoon and soon it would get dark and so we thought to take their leave. But since the Holy Spirit was working in them powerfully and they were lost in crying out their hearts to God we thought it better not to disturb them and so quietly slipped away from the house after informing one of the men there. Again the Holy Spirit taught me how to hear His voice and trustfully obey it.

A hunger for revival has been birthed in the saints there and they're starting to pray and seek God's face for revival and we in Shillong are also praying for them. Garo people do not inhabit Garo Hills only but have also been living for hundred of years in quite a large numbers in Assam, Bangladesh, Nagaland and other parts of North-east India. I'm sharing this piece of information because I picture what would happen when revival hits Garo Hills. Besides of course Garo Hills, Assam would be affected, Bangladesh would be affected, and maybe Nagaland and other places too.

Thanks for all your prayers and please do remember to pray God to deepen the hunger in the lives of the saints to seek God with all their heart and mind and for God to send revival in the Garo Hills.

Copyright 2006 Reuben Pradhan

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