Thursday, July 23, 2009

Are You Willing To Give Your Children?

17/Oct/2006, 11:24 a.m., Shillong, India

A certain missionary gifted in the prophetic who had visited Shillong and attended the Global Day of Prayer (on the 4th June '06) was given the last slot to release the crowd that had gathered on the Malki Ground with a prayer. But as prophets are sometimes used to do stuff beyond and at times against our imaginations, he didn't pray at all, but simply said (and I quote, although not verbatim), "When revival comes will you be ready to give your children for the Lord?". The chairman leading the meeting and the rest of us were left bewildered as to what that actually meant. That question posed to us, before the revival hit us, did actually come from God. Today, parents, church leaders, teachers and schools authorities are more concern about their children's studies than their encounter with the Living God. As such schools have discouraged children from coming into any contact with the 'revival' experience and church leaders closes down the 'revival' meetings early (without being sensitive to the Lord's work and leading), so much so that my co-brother who's also a pastor and has a ministry in one village reported the children and young people experiencing revival not being allowed to enter the chapel (both mainline churches) to hold meetings. They knew that the church pastored by my co-brother was the only one in the village that believed in the work and the manifestations of the Spirit (Charismata). So on Sunday when some people from Shillong who are working with this pastor reached there, these kids and young people rushed to them to the place where they have their meeting with excitement, joy and tears. They had been eagerly waiting and anticipating their arrival. There was no space to accommodate all of them.

Indeed, our priorities are revealed during such times when God not only sends revival but also tests the heart of parents if they are ready to give their children for the Lord especially at such a time as this.

Copyright 2006 Reuben Pradhan

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