Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is This Just a Dream?

This morning (29th Oct '08) I woke up with a dream that has made me not only to wonder but also to seriously ponder. The dream involves God’s audible voice.

In this dream, I saw myself standing outside a typical Indian grocery store. And although none of our church members own any shops as yet, a family from our church ran this store. As I stood there, I began to leisurely put my hand on the rice contained in a sack. Then I felt some rice had gotten inside the sleeve of my jacket on my right hand. The jacket I was wearing is thick and black in colour and was gifted to me by my father some time back for the winter. I pulled the opening of my sleeve to shake off the rice on a table. As I did that, truly indeed, rice fell off my sleeve. However, I felt there were some more left inside and again I repeated the process. More rice began to pour out of my sleeve. We began to wonder how this could be possible that simply touching the rice in a sack would gather so much inside the sleeve. The process was repeated twice thrice and even more. As I continued doing that now it was no longer only rice but even lentils (daal) of two different kinds (red and yellow in colour) pouring out of my sleeve. (Rice and lentils are the two very basic staple food of India). I remember there were few other believers too from our church present there. And we all stood there watching with great amazement and perplexity wondering what all this meant.

Suddenly, we heard God’s voice either directly or through a second person, that this was God’s supernatural provision for the orphans. Then He spoke again, but this time we heard Him directly. He spoke to us as a church saying that we should take in the orphans to our respective homes and shelter them and in essence, He would take care of the provision. The dream ends here.

I could argue with myself and consider this dream a probability or since my brother John in Nepal has recently taken in three little girls for adoption I could simply consider the whole issue to be a preconceived thought embedded in my subconscious mind. But honestly speaking, though I did briefly entertained a passing thought to follow my brother’s footsteps it wasn’t a serious or a recurring one. And yet, from time to time, I would either be reminded or find myself quoting to others the word in Isaiah 58 verses 6 & 7.

6 “Is not this the fast that I choose:

to loose the bonds of wickedness,

to undo the straps of the yoke,

to let the oppressed go free,

and to break every yoke?

7 Is it not to share your bread with the hungry

and bring the homeless poor into your house;

when you see the naked, to cover him,

and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?

Naturally speaking, I cannot see how this could be possible since most of our church members are limited or even under-limited when it comes to meeting their daily needs including myself at times. Indeed, it's quite a challenge. And yet, since the dream clearly speaks of God’s supernatural provision for this noble ministry I feel that I cannot just ignore it or even take it casually now but to consider it seriously and prayerfully as I wait for further confirmations from Him.

Please do consider seeking the mind of the Lord in this matter together with me/us. And should the Lord reveal anything to you I’d be more than glad to hear it. Thank you and God bless you.




  1. Hello Reuben!

    Thank you for writing and sharing your dream.

    Did you know that the early Christians were known for not only caring for widows and giving proper burials as well as taking care of the weak and sick, but they were also a light in that they took in orphans-especially those whose parents were in the faith -they simply went to live with someone in their particular church. It is the love of Christ.

    Three months ago, the Lord led S______ and I very clearly to envite a 15 year old girl in our church who is ignored by her parents and whose grandmother is as now unable to continue helping her with her homeschool, to live with us. N______ is as I think of it "an orphan in the body" at our church. She has been around and around from house to house for years with no stable home and no consistent loving family to disciple and train and discipline and encourage. We did not see this coming at all but have been recently more open to what most would see as radical but what we have learned is just normal christian hospitality through the examples of some dear friends in the Lord who have opened their homes for the homeless, or family of a drug addict etc. We do not see it as radical although it has been hard. It is what the Lord led in and we are trusting him to provide. We have been greatly challenged at times but overall we are well and enjoying Nikki with us. Either way we are sure we are to have her here as long as the Lord keeps her here.

    No matter why or how the dream came, there is no doubt that "pure and undefiled religion" according to James 1:27 is to care for orphans and widows in their distress. I have been developing a growing since of the Lord's emphasis on tangible Christian living. People like me can be confused and deluded into thinking that thinking about spiritual matters, being involved in church activities, and pondering great theological matters, as well as reading theological books, makes one into a serious true Christian. I am starting to believe more that beyond the basics of theology-the understanding of our salvation remembered in the simple elements of communion-the Lord is looking for believers great and small who will truly live a life of service and love and giving and prayer -which always leads to being able to share the gospel! Even if I become a spiritual leader one day, I still want this to be my lifestyle-not buried in the thoughts and dialogue of the theology of our faith and in books (although of course there will be study to prepare for teaching) and I want to pass this along to those whom I lead. I am trying to do this with my children now but it is a meager start.

    Pray and see how the Lord leads. He may have you or someone in your church break with the norm in hospitality in some way for His glory! John and his family are doing well. I love to hear of their love and see those beautiful faces.

    Of course the Lord does not call us all to the same works. He will show you and it is best when both husband and wife have the same heart and conviction from Jesus on the matter! Best to wait until that is present to act or decide.

    Love ,

  2. Reuben, son, this is not just a dream but rather a word from the Lord!

    A few years ago after I had traveled to various countries where there were so many orphans, I sought the Lord about this world-wide issue.

    The word the Lord gave me was as follows:

    Just as Satan tried to kill Moses and Jesus as infants, he is trying to kill babies today through abortion and by making orphans killing their parents through war and disease. The next generation is the generation that God is raising up to be Kingdom warriors to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth and Satan is trying to destroy them.

    Also, the Lord told me that the time had come for us to stop the institutional approach of taking care of orphans, rather we should take them into our homes and care for them and raise them as Kingdom warriors for the coming evangelization of the nations!

    I pray that this will encourage you, son!

    Love in Him,


  3. Thanks dear brother Reuben for sharing your wonderful dream. I am encouraged.

    I truly agree with what you wrote. Even I believe the Lord wants me to adopt an orphan girl in my house. I even wrote an article on it when I have realized the necessity of caring for the fatherless: http://stephenonbible.blogspot.com/search/label/Orphans

    How good it is God to please God by caring for the orphans! I am glad to have a wonderful friend like you who is sensitive to the Lord to hear His voice to reach out to the orphans. God be with you in this sacred task.

    I have a small suggestion. It would be very helpful if the whole church would make some little extra contribution for the adopted orphans every month (as you yourself have your financial constrains) and help them in the Lord. I believe when you share your vision and passion with the church they may stand with you.

    I pray that the Lord would make a way for you. Please also pray for me that the Lord would guide me to an orphan girl who desperately need us.

    Stephen David C.